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Sandi and Robin founded Best Office Solutions in 2000 after the office supply business they both worked for closed its doors. Former customers of that business encouraged the duo to open their own store in order to ensure they would receive the same high quality customer service they were so use to.  Best Office Solutions has built a business reputation of making customer service the number ONE priority. The business still believes in face-to-face interaction and ensures prompt and courteous delivery with all orders. Though they keep up with the new modern age of technology, Best Office Solutions doesn't get lost in the madness and is still able to know YOU...the customer, by name and not by account number. The customers have become part of the BEST Family!
COMPETITIVE PRICING - We're often asked... "How does Best Office Solutions compete against National Chain Stores?" BUYING POWER!! We are partnered with the largest distributor of office products in North America, giving us over $15 Billion Dollars of purchasing power!

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - We scored an impressive 95% Overall Satisfaction Rating on a recent survey given to our current customers!

ORDERING MADE EASY - Call, Fax or Order Online!

EXPERIENCED CUSTOMER SERVICE- Our Customer Support Staff, better known as "The BEST Girls" proudly boasts of 29 years combined experience. We're here to help.. Give us a Call 877.533.BEST. Let us do the work for you, saving you TIME & MONEY! When you call B.O.S. a "real" person answers the phone. You're known by your name NOT your account number.
Be a Part of The BEST Team!

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